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Instagram Stories

What should I share in Instagram Stories?

Tell me, are you a Feed fan, or are Stories where you hang out? If you’re more of a Stories watcher, and haven’t posted many Stories yet, you may be wondering ‘what should I share on Instagram Stories’? I…

posting on weekends

Should you post business content on weekends?

One of the side-effects of the global pandemic is that your business’s online community and target audience is online more frequently and for longer times. Even if you don’t have an online store, your business is now operating in…

tracking instagram insights

What Instagram Insights should I be tracking?

If stats and analytics confuse the heck out of you, here’s some tips about which Instagram Insights to track to make your Instagram life easier. While we all love followers and likes, if you really want to understand your…

How to make your EDMs (emails) Compliant with ANTI-spam Laws

Sure it’s great to have 10,000 followers, but relying on social media as the primary method of communicating with your clients/customers can be hit and miss. With any social media post, you’re probably only reaching about 3% of your…

Hiding Instagram Stories from followers

How to hide Instagram Stories from selected followers

Secret Squirrels… it seems there are a few of you out there… In yesterday’s post, we looked at how you can create a private ‘Close Friends’ list, which is a great way of sharing select content with a handpicked…

backup your Instagram

How to back up your Instagram content

UPDATED MAY 2022 Instagram recently added a feature that lets you download an entire backup of your Instagram account including comments, photos, stories, videos, liked pictures, and more. Why should you backup your Instagram content? Back in November, I…

how to follow instagram hashtags

How to Follow Instagram Hashtags

Did you know that you can follow hashtags on Instagram? But why would I want to do that I hear you ask! I find it’s a great way to discover new accounts and content that interest me. And if…

Lockdown Tips

Get Your Digital Communications Ready for Lockdown

With COVID-19 Lockdowns widely implemented, businesses and service providers need to have their Digital Communications correct and up-to-date. To ensure that your information is consistent across all platforms, list all of your digital touchpoints, starting with your website, then…

Grow your social following

5 FREE ways to grow your social following

Growing your social following can be hard work, one day the numbers are up, the next day they’re down. And while I’d encourage you not to focus too hard on your follower numbers, growing your audience can lead to…