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Until recently I had very scary royal-blue bench tops which were far from ideal when it came to taking photos for Instagram! As an alternative, I assembled an arsenal of materials that I could use that would look far prettier on the ‘gram. I have used trays, tables, fabric, and even an old door as backgrounds for photos. However, while they may look great and reflect the aesthetic that I’m after, they’re pretty hard to move around, and sometimes you just don’t have the time to do a complex photo setup.

White Marble BackgroundSeveral months ago I needed to do a photoshoot for an interstate client. They had asked for a marble background but didn’t have access to one at their site.  They say necessity is the mother of invention, so I ended up taking a photo of my new marble-look benchtop and had it printed so I could take it with me and use it at the shoot. Problem solved and Chookapeck Photo Backgrounds were born!

So just what are photo backgrounds or backdrops?

Chookapeck Photo Backgrounds are designed for both aspiring and professional photographers.

They are perfect for use in food, product and flat-lay photography and are a great resource for makers, Instagrammers, crafters, bloggers and digital content creators. You’ll always have a beautiful background on hand to create your perfect shot – just style and shoot, then roll and store!

Chookapeck Photo Backgrounds offer versatility as you can lay them on any flat surface or hang them vertically as backgrounds/backdrops for your photos. Being able to roll them up afterward means you save storage space too.

The portable, lightweight vinyl is perfect for travelling to offsite shoots – no more lugging around heavy props!

Using a background / backdrop also means there’s no more standing on a chair to get the perfect photo – just lay your Photo Background on the floor and snap away without having to perform acrobatics!


Chookapeck Photo Backgrounds are printed in Australia on white 440 gsm vinyl.

The standard size is 52cm x 91cm. Weight is approximately 220 grams.

They are lightweight, durable, tear and fade-resistant, and come in a matte finish.

Care / Storage

Chookapeck Photo Backgrounds can be gently wiped clean after use, then loosely rolled and stored in a mailing/poster tube.

Do not fold your Photo Background as it will cause creases.

If using your Chookapeck Photo Background for food styling and photography, please note that the backgrounds are printed on vinyl and are not heatproof.

Do not place hot pans, cooking utensils, cups and mugs etc directly on them.

Do not chop/slice directly on them.

Foods/Beverages with strong colours eg) beetroot juice, berries, curry, turmeric, etc may stain your Photo Background.

Ideas for use

Food Styling.

Consistent background for product shots.

Flat Lay photos for your website, product catalogue or social accounts.

Backgrounds can be used horizontally or vertically.



Share your photos

I’d love to see where and how you are using your Chookapeck Photo Background.

Feel free to email photos to annemaree@chookapeck.com so I can feature them here and on Chookapeck socials.

If you’re using them on Instagram please use #chookapeckbackgrounds so we can all see your creativity!

Checkout my Instagram page to see some examples of the backgrounds in use.

Purchase a Chookapeck Photo Background

There are two backgrounds currently available in the store. The trusty White Marble, and the moody Black Wood.

December 20 2019 update Concrete Porch and White Wood backgrounds has been added to the shop.

February 9 2020 update – White Chippy Wood background has been added to the shop.

I’ll be releasing more backgrounds over the next few months including some rustic timber and white planks, but if you have an idea for a background I’d love to hear from you – email me here.

Visit our Shop Page

Custom Backdrops

Do you have a favourite background that you’d like to use anytime anywhere? Chookapeck can custom print your image to create your own custom photo backdrop. Please email me for more information.

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