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It’s January 2020 and there’s no better time to get your Instagram into top shape! If you’re not sure where to start, but know you would you like to save time, stay on track and improve your Insta., then grab your FREE Instagram Audit Checklist here.

Use the comprehensive checklist as a resource and reference to keep track of your Instagram branding, content, analytics and more. Implementing the strategies in the checklist will help you grow the engagement and following of your Instagram account.

What is an Instagram Audit and how do I do it?

Completing an Instagram audit involves performing a step-by-step inspection of your Instagram account. There are many components that together make a successful account, and this checklist will help you evaluate how your account is performing and what/where you can improve.

By looking at components such as branding, content, community, analytics, hashtags, engagement and more, you will be able to better understand where your Instagram is currently at, and what steps you can implement to make improvements.

Grab your Instagram Audit Checklist here

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Sign up and download your checklist from the link above and start your audit – your Insta (and your target audience) will thank you for it :-).

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Chookapeck Instagram Audit


Do you need to dive a little deeper into your Instagram account? I’m running a number of workshops this year that focus on Instagram – make sure you follow Chookapeck on Facebook or Instagram to get more details.


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If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to drop me an email or comment below.


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