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April Hashtags

April 2020* is like no other April in recent history – we’re all at home more, we’re all on our gadgets more, and we’re all consuming more content. People are looking to social media to make connections with others that have shared interests. If you are using Instagram, you can help form those connections through the strategic use of hashtags. Adding relevant hashtags to your posts is an effective way to grow likes, engagement and follows on your account and April 2020 is the perfect time to implement them. The following April Hashtags for Instagram provides you with content prompts to create timely, relevant posts for your Insta account.

*please note, this post was originally written in April 2020, however the hashtags and tips can be implemented in any year.

What are monthly hashtags?

Monthly hashtags are used on Instagram and Twitter during the relevant month. Each month has a range of hashtags you can use, ranging from global events ( #NewYearsEve ) through to more niche or obscure hashtags (#BubbleTeaDay anyone)? Many of these days were created to raise awareness for a particular cause, however, now there are so many to celebrate that there’s bound to one related to your niche and content.

How should I use monthly hashtags?

Depending on your industry, niche or product/service, one particular month of the year might be the optimum time for you to post more or specific content. Due to many countries having term-break in April, and in 2020/21, many people are at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, April is a great month for posting about:

  • Gardening
  • DIY projects
  • Cooking
  • Craft activities
  • Easter
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Self-care
  • Fitness
  • Education

Tip: On those days where you are struggling for post inspiration, using a daily/monthly hashtag can help you create a timely piece of content to share with your audience.

Why would I use a daily / monthly hashtag?

Daily / monthly hashtags are an excellent source of content inspiration and when used in conjunction with appropriate content, will increase your post’s engagement and reach. Using hashtags that are relevant to your brand will ensure that your content will resonate more with your audience.

Advance knowledge of daily / monthly hashtags can also assist you to map your content to your content calendar. For example, if you know that #WorldBookDay is coming up on April 23, you can plan a whole month of content around that day/event.

Easter Hashtag example
Hashtag Galleries – Increasing your reach

Every Instagram hashtag has its own ‘gallery’ of images. You can see that gallery by tapping on the hashtag link eg) #easterdecor whilst using Instagram. Images in each hashtag gallery can be viewed by tapping ‘Top’ or ‘Recent’.

When you use hashtags in your Instagram caption, your post will appear in individual hashtag galleries, so the more hashtags you use, the more galleries your post will appear in.

If you are posting during April, you can quickly increase your post’s reach and engagement by using relevant monthly hashtags. Using these hashtags also gives your content the opportunity to be seen by a wider target audience.

If you’re not sure what hashtags you could use on your content during April, use some from the list below and see your likes, reach and engagement grow.

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April Hashtags for Instagram

Below is a list of popular and relevant monthly hashtags – ready to use on your Instagram posts and add to your content calendar.

There’s something for wine lovers (April 17), grilled cheese aficionados (April 12), some are just downright obscure (hello April 4 & 5…) and if you’re Australian, be prepared for April 26.

You can copy and paste the tags below and save them to your Notes app on your phone. That way they’ll always be ready for you to access when you are posting April-related content.

1 – April Fools Day
#AprilFools #aprilfoolsday  

2 – World Autism Day

3 – Find a Rainbow Day
#FindARainbowDay #rainbowday #rainbow

4 – World Rat Day

5 – Caramel Day

6 – Tartan Day

7 – World Health Day
#worldhealthday #worldhealth

8 – Buddha’s BirthDay

9 – Unicorn Day

#easter #easterbunny #easterdecor #eastereggs #happyeaster #easteregg #eastersunday #ostern #easterbasket #GoodFriday #EasterSaturday #EasterSunday #EasterMonday #EggHunt #alltheeggs #allthechocolate

10 – National Siblings Day USA
#NationalSiblingsDay #lovemysiblings #siblingsgoals #siblingtime #siblingbonding #siblingselfie #siblings

11 – National Pet Day USA
#NationalPetDay #dogsofinstagram #doglover #instadog #petsofinstagram #dogoftheday #furbaby #catsofinstagram

12 – Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

13 –  Plant Appreciation Day
#PlantAppreciationDay #PlantMum

14 –  DolphinDay

15 –  Unesco World Art Day

16 –  World Voice Day

17 –  World Malbec Day

18 –  International Juggler’s Day
#juggling #jugglersday

19 –  Garlic Day

20 –  UN Chinese Language Day

21 – World Creativity and Innovation Day

22 – Earth Day
#EarthDay #earth #savetheplanet

23 – World Book Day
#WorldBookDay #bookday #bookstagram #booklover #bookish #bookworm #booksofinstagram

24 –  National Pigs in a Blanket Day USA

25 – ANZAC Day Australia & NZ
#ANZACs #ANZACDay #ANZACBiscuits #WeWillRememberThem

26 –  Hug An Australian Day

27 –  Morse Code Day
#MorseCode #DotDotDot

28 – Pay it Forward Day
#PayitForward #PayingItForward

29 – International Dance Day
#InternationalDanceDay #nationaldanceday #dancelife #dancemoves

30 –  International Jazz Day
#JazzDay #JazzHands

General April Hashtags
#April #April2021 #AprilBirthday #AprilFlowers #AprilWeather #abril #spring #autumn

instagram hashtags for april

Some tips to remember

Before using daily / monthly hashtags, do your research. Optimal hashtag use is not as simple as copying a hashtag and pasting into your Instagram caption.

Before using a hashtag you should research it to see that your content suits the tag. Tap on a hashtag and checkout some of the latest posts to identify whether using the hashtag is relevant/appropriate for your content.

Be respectful

Ensure that your post and content is relevant to the hashtags you are using. Be conscious of, and avoid cultural appropriation.

Learn More

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More Info?

Like to know more about how to strategically use hashtags to grow your Instagram account? Check out the ‘Instagram Hashtag Tips and Tricks‘ or the ‘100+ Weekend Hashtags for Instagram’ blog posts.

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Do you have any questions or suggestions for other April hashtags? Feel free to drop me a line here.



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