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One on One Instagram Coaching

Digital marketing and communications – it’s a (crowded) jungle out there! And when you are a small business owner, it can be really hard to know where to invest your hard earned dollars. 

One of the best investments you can make is in yourself, and even though these are unprecedented times, right NOW is the best time to invest. Because right now, more people than ever are spending time online, and they’re looking for businesses and services that serve them well and fulfil their needs.

So NOW is the time to build capability in your business and upskill so you can confidently communicate on digital platforms.

Building your own skillset will give you the tools to create engaging content, save time and be more strategic in all of your digital communications – and who doesn’t want that!?

One of the best ways of doing this is through one-on-one coaching, where all sessions are entirely tailored to you and your needs. 1:1 sessions focus on what YOU want to learn and are set at a pace that suits YOU. The confidential sessions enable you to build your skills and confidence in a supportive and tailored learning environment.


One-on-one coaching/mentoring with Chookapeck

Chookapeck is now offering one-on-one coaching where you can focus on upping your Instagram skills, or building your skillset across a broader range of platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Mailchimp etc).
Coaching sessions can take place via Zoom video meetings or in person. In person sessions are available for clients within 120km of Tanunda.
Sessions are 60 or 90-minute duration.

Digital Marketing & Communications

Some suggestions of what we could include in your session:

  • Content planning.
  • Content ideas.
  • What Social Media platforms are best for your business.
  • Facebook Analytics.
  • Basic Google Analytics.
  • How to report on digital communications.
  • What Apps to use.
  • Intro to Lightroom mobile.
  • Building an online community.
  • How to increase your engagement rate.
  • Where to access resources that will save you time and make posting content easier.
Instagram Coaching

Are you stuck for content inspiration or need a hand with your Instagram strategy? Do you find yourself asking what should I post, when should I post, who am I talking to and am I reaching the right audience?

You’re not alone!

Many Instagrammers have these hurdles, and I’d love to help you jump over them and continue on to confidently smash out your Insta goals.

Some suggestions of what we could include in your session:

  • Instagram Insights
  • Your Bio
  • Engagement
  • Community Building
  • Content Planning
  • Content Pillars
  • Themeing
  • Aesthetic
  • Instagram Stories
  • Hashtag use
  • Tagging other accounts
  • Timing and frequency of posts/stories
  • Reach vs engagement
  • Other apps that can assist your Instagram strategy
  • User-Generated Content
  • Stock Photos
  • Phone photography tips

The sessions are designed for Instagram users of all levels, and the coaching will be particularly useful to people who post for business/brand accounts.

What you’ll get:

  • a client questionnaire (sent prior to the session) to identify your goals and help to maximise our time
  • a 60 or 90-minute coaching session
  • feedback on your current marketing/communications strategy and content
  • suggestions and recommendations for moving forward
  • follow-up notes from the session provided via email
  • access to the Chookapeck Resource Library (templates, tips & other resources)
  • support via email/messenger while you are implementing recommendations.
NOTE: Coaching sessions can take place via Zoom video meetings or in person.
In person sessions are available for clients located within 120km of Tanunda.

I’m based in South Australia and am on Australian Central Standard Time (ACST). Our Zoom session can be booked for a mutually suitable time.

If you would like to book a one-on-one coaching session, please secure your 60 or 90-minute session in the shop.

Once you have made payment, I will be in contact via email to confirm the time for our session, and to send your questionnaire.

Your Coach/Mentor

Coaching sessions are with me – Annemaree Clementson.

I’ve been working in digital media for 20 years and although Chookapeck is a new name, I’ve had my own business for 15+ years, working with clients on websites, marketing and communications, always specialising in digital media.

Prior to operating Barossaweb and Chookapeck, I taught Information Technology at pre-university/TAFE level. Mentoring is something I love. Sharing skills and seeing results is so rewarding and it’s the perfect melding together of education and digital tech – happy days all-round!

You can read my life-story (!) and more about me here.



Do you need to dive a little deeper into your Instagram account? I’m running a number of workshops this year that focus on Instagram – make sure you follow Chookapeck on Facebook or Instagram to get more details.


If you’d like more info, tips and tricks to assist your smartphone photography and Instagram engagement, check out these blog posts:





You can also sign up here for instant access to the Chookapeck FREE Resource Library.

If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to drop me an email or comment below.


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