Tip: Hiding Hashtags in Instagram Stories

hiding hashtags in instagram stories

Hello and welcome to the first of an ongoing series of Instagram (and other marketing/communications) tips. Today’s tip is on Hiding Hashtags in your Instagram Stories.

Why would you want to do that I hear you ask? Well, because hashtags can look pretty ugly sitting on your fabulous content, and when you use relevant #hashtags (you can use up to 10 in Stories), your content will be available to a larger, more engaged audience = #winning !

Hiding Hashtags using a GIF or LOCATION sticker

1 – open Instagram on your smartphone or tablet, tap your profile pic to add a story, then tap the + symbol.

2 – select an image from your camera roll that you want to add to Stories.

3 – Tap Aa and start typing your # (remember you can use up to 10). Tap done.

4 – resize and move the #hashtags to the best location on your content.

5 – tap the square smiley face and tap GIF or LOCATION, choose your GIF/LOCATION. Move and resize it to cover your #.

Hiding Hashtags in Instagram Stories – using a GIF.

6 – Tap Send To, then Share.

Hiding Hashtags in your Instagram Stories


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