Tip: How to pin Instagram comments

how to pin instagram comments

Instagram recently released a nifty feature that allows you to ‘pin’ up to three comments to the top of a post’s comment thread.

This tool gives you a great new way to encourage engagement on your posts and to create connections with your online community as comments are an integral part of the Instagram algorithm. The more comments you get, the more people your post will be shown to. Receiving comments also gives you insight into your community and their thoughts/needs and enables you to connect with your audience and build on those relationships.

Why would I want to pin comments?

Pinning comments shows that you value your community and their input. Think of it as sending a little flower bouquet to say thanks.

It’s a great way to focus on positive or insightful comments that can act as conversation starters on your post.

When you pin a comment it then appears at the top of that post’s comment thread and it will be the featured comment that other users will see when they are scrolling through their feed. The pinned comment/s will also be the first comments that users see when they open the comment thread.

What type of comments could I pin?

Comments that ask or answer FAQs
Sometimes a post, especially one that is launching a product/service, will elicit responses from your community that are similar to what your FAQs may be.

These comments may be questions that ask who, what, where, when and why. Once you have responded to them, pin these comments to the top of your comment thread for everyone’s benefit. By responding and pinning, it may save you from having to respond with the same answer over and over. 

Pinning these questions and responses ensures that your audience is well informed and that their opinion is valued.

Comments that encourage positivity (both toward your brand/content and in general)
Pinning comments is a great way to highlight and encourage positivity in your online community. If someone posts positive comments about your content/brand/product/service or just in general, pinning it can encourage similar engagement from your community.

Comments that provide testimonials
Pinning testimonial-type comments allows your community to hear from loyal brand advocates who have recently used your product/service.

Potential customers LOVE a positive review and getting your clients/customers to speak for you and give a digital word-of-mouth endorsement is an excellent way of building trust in your product/service.

Comments that encourage conversation or engagement
If someone leaves a particularly funny, thought-provoking or helpful comment on your post, pinning it so other community members see it first can then encourage further comments and conversation – thereby increasing the engagement level on your post.

How to pin comments on Instagram

Here’s how you pin comments on Instagram:

  • Tap and hold your finger on the comment you want to pin and gently swipe left.
  • Several icon options appear: PIN. REPORT. TRASH
  • Tap the PIN icon and the comment will be pinned.
Pinning an instagram comment


  • The person who posted the comment will be notified that it has been pinned
  • You cannot pin your own comments.
  • You can pin up to three comments.
  • Comments can be pinned and then un-pinned as required.

pinning an instagram comment


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