Tip: How to use Challenge Stickers in Instagram Stories

Challenge Stickers

Whether you’re using Instagram for a personal account, or on behalf of a brand, adding Instagram Stories is a great way to increase engagement and attract new followers. Many brands use Stories to go ‘behind-the-scenes’ and create content that shows some of your brand’s personality. And with most of the world staying home right now, what better time to shake up your Instagram Stories (and have some fun doing it) than by taking part in an #Challenge?

So just what is a #Challenge? It’s an easy and fun way to engage with your followers by providing content that is entertaining. The new #Challenge Sticker is available in the latest Instagram update and in this post, we’ll look at how you can use Challenge Stickers in Instagram Stories.

Note: make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed – check your App Store for updates.

How to use Challenges Stickers in Instagram Stories

Using the new Instagram Challenges Sticker is great fun and very easy to do.

  • You first need to decide on a challenge to join (see the section below).
  • Then film a video or choose an image as your entry.
  • Then tag a few Instagram users to join in and keep the challenge rolling.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Open Instagram Stories.
  2. Add your content (video or image).
  3. Tap the Sticker Button.
  4. Tap the “🏆Challenge” Sticker.
  5. Choose a #InstagramChallenge.
  6. Tag other Instagram users to join the challenge!
    People you tag will be notified by DM. They can either share your story to their story, or tap the Challenge Sticker and complete the challenge.⁣⁣
  7. Share your Story to your followers

How to use a Challenge Sticker in your Instagram Story – video

How to find Instagram #Challenges to join

Instagram has pre-loaded a number of Challenges into the #Challenges Sticker and they are updated regularly by Instagram according to what is trending eg. #PLANKINGCHALLENGE, #30DAYSONGCHALLENGE.

To search for challenges that you’d like to take part in or are relevant to your brand/niche:

  1. Open Instagram Stories.
  2. Tap the Sticker Button.
  3. Tap the “🏆Challenge” Sticker.
  4. Start to type and search keywords related to the challenge you’d like to take part in, eg. “stay at home” or “baby”.
    Alternatively, you can scroll right through the various challenges that are available.

using challenge stickers in Instagram Stories

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