What Instagram Insights should I be tracking?

tracking instagram insights

If stats and analytics confuse the heck out of you, here’s some tips about which Instagram Insights to track to make your Instagram life easier.

While we all love followers and likes, if you really want to understand your online community, we need to delve deeper. If you have an Instagram Business or Creator profile, you have access to Insights that help you understand your audience. Insights show what content they prefer, when they are online, and (broadly) who and where they are located.

So what should you be tracking?

Each month I record my:

Accounts Reached –  the number of unique accounts that have viewed my content. The higher, the better with this figure.

Profile Activity (Profile Visits and Website Taps) – this data & activity is GOLD. Getting visitors to your profile & website is like welcoming them into your business. Once they are there, they’re more likely to actively engage (and purchase, like, share etc).

Accounts Engaged –  I take note of the number of Follower & non-follower accounts, noting increases/decreases and this helps me plan future content.

Content Interactions – shows what content your audience reacts to, and helps you plan what you should be doing more of. I take note of best performing posts, stories & reels and plan to post similar content that will resonate with my audience.

Total Followers –  record your growth/decline

Insights lets you check the past 14 or 30 days, or the previous month of data. I record my stats on the 30th of each month in a spreadsheet. Recording data like this shows me how my content has performed and I can then make any necessary tweaks to upcoming content.

How to view your Insights

✅ To see your Insights, in your Instagram Profile, tap Insights.

✅ In the Insights Overview section, tap Accounts Reached or Accounts Engaged. Select the time period you wish to view.

✅ Record your data in a spreadsheet (and set a calendar reminder to repeat the process in 30 days).

I hope you found this useful and can now start to track your Insights to use Instagram more strategically.

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