What should I share in Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories

Tell me, are you a Feed fan, or are Stories where you hang out? If you’re more of a Stories watcher, and haven’t posted many Stories yet, you may be wondering ‘what should I share on Instagram Stories’?

I have to admit when Stories were introduced in 2016 (that long ago can you believe it?!), I wasn’t a fan. I didn’t understand why you’d invest time in creating content that disappeared in 24 hours 🤔.

Fast-forward a few years and I’m a convert.

Regularly using Stories has enabled me to directly connect with my online community. It’s where I post a mix of personal and business content and that has helped to build relationships and trust (and have lots of laughs along the way).

Stories are a great place to be more informal and share content that is fun, honest and less-than-perfect.

Here’s some ideas for your Story content:

✔️ what you’re up to that day

✔️ behind the scenes

✔️ conduct a poll

✔️ before and afters of your product/process/service

✔️ show some of what you love – cooking, reading, gardening, sewing – something that makes up part of who you are

✔️ how to’s / step-by-step guides

✔️ use the question sticker

✔️ if you have a website, use Stories to post about a new blog post or new product (use the LINK sticker to take people directly to the page)

✔️ go live (after the live video has finished, it can be posted to Stories)

✔️ use the countdown tool

✔️ use time-lapse videos

Stories are often viewed by a much wider audience than those that engage with your feed content. For example, if you average 100 likes on a feed image, you’ll probably average 250+ views on Stories.

My theory for that is people find Stories easy to consume. They don’t have to like or comment, they can watch and move on.

What are your thoughts?
Do you use Stories?
If so, what are you posting?
And if you’re a Story watcher, what content do you enjoy the most?
I’d love for you to let me know in the comments.

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I hope you found these tips useful and easy to implement.

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