Brighten your Instagram Feed with White Lightroom Presets

Bright and Airy Instagram

Turn your photos into beautiful insta-worthy shots and give your Instagram feed a lift by using White Lightroom Presets. After receiving many enquiries about photo-editing and what filters I use on my Instagram photos, I’ve designed four gorgeous white Lightroom presets that are now available in my shop.

This new pack includes FOUR custom Chookapeck Lightroom Presets for use on BOTH Lightroom Mobile app (free) and Lightroom Desktop. The presets are so easy to use (edit with just one tap) and will give your images and feed a clean, bright and airy look.

Once you’ve installed the presets to your phone, you’ll be able to edit your photos in a few seconds. You’ll have a beautiful Instagram feed that is consistent in colour and tone with the aesthetic you’ve been looking for.

The presets are ideal for use on all types of photography including:

  • Travel
  • Portraits
  • Fashion
  • Interiors
  • Lifestyle

Want to know more about Lightroom? Read my Beginner’s Guide here.

Before & After Photos

What is a Lightroom Preset?

A Lightroom preset is very similar to an Instagram filter because you can apply it to different photos in just one click. 

Lightroom presets can help you achieve consistency across your imagery and create your signature look on your Instagram feed or product shoot. 

Once you have found your preferred preset, you can save time by bulk-editing your images. If you have images taken in the same light conditions (eg. all snapped on a sunny day at the beach) then you can apply the same preset to bring out the best in your images. Rather than editing each image, just apply the same preset and you will quickly achieve consistency across your shots, saving time in the process. 

What images can I use presets on?

Lightroom presets can be applied to all image types. You can use them on photos snapped on your phone (usually JPEG or HEIC) or high-quality RAW images from your digital camera. Just import your image into Lightroom and you are ready to apply a preset.

Chookapeck White Lightroom Presets
Images by @eleanor_kate
How do I get and install presets?

The majority of presets are available via download from online preset stores. If you are planning on using a mobile preset on your phone, it is best to download the files straight to your phone (rather than to your desktop and then transferring the file).  

I’ve written a step-by-step installation tutorial here: Chookapeck Lightroom Installation Instructions (downloadable PDF).

Chookapeck Lightroom Presets

Chookapeck has several Lightroom presets that are available separately or as a pack.

Share your photos

If you’re posting on Instagram please use #chookapeckpresets so we can all see your beautiful feed!

Check out my Instagram page to see some examples of the presets in use.

Like to learn more?

This blog post gives an introduction to Lightroom and Lightroom Presets.

Would you like to dive a little deeper into Lightroom? I regularly host small group workshops – make sure you follow Chookapeck on Facebook or Instagram to get more details. Checkout upcoming Workshops here.

Alternatively, you could book in for a One-on-one Coaching session where you get 90 mins of tailored training in areas of your choice. Coaching sessions can be held in person or via video link using Zoom.

If you’re interested in a dedicated Beginners Guide to Lightroom and Lightroom Presets workshop then please email me to register your interest.

Please join the email list or follow me on Instagram to see upcoming new preset releases.

More Info.

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