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create a content calendar

Chookapeck’s July workshop is ‘Creating a Content Calendar‘. This hands-on workshop will provide you with information on the strategy behind content creation and the tools you can use to plan and build your own content calendar.

Why is content so important?

Engaging content is what enables you to connect and interact with your target audience at all touchpoints in their relationship with you and your brand. Touchpoints can be digital (website, email, social media etc) or physical (your store, cellar door etc). Strategic content creation can amplify your message across your touchpoints and enable easier recognition of your brand and your products/service. Great content can also build trust between you and your audience and make them more likely (and happy) to commit to purchasing from you.

Are you a content creator?

Do you manage your business’s website, social media and other communications platforms?

Are you struggling to find the motivation and creativity to produce engaging content?

If it’s a big yes to all of the above, then a Content Calendar can help with your resourcing and workflow.

The ‘Creating a Content Calendar’ workshop covers:

  • Your brand’s distribution channels/touchpoints.
  • Exploring your audience’s needs and expectations.
  • Content Pillars.
  • Content Creation process mapping.
  • How to implement your plan across all of your distribution channels.
  • Understanding the importance of measuring success.

There will be time for Q & A throughout the session.

Designed for content creators of all levels, the workshop will be particularly useful to people who post for business/brand accounts.

Is the ‘Creating a Content Calendar’ Workshop right for me?

Yes, if you have heaps of content ideas but aren’t sure where to start or what to prioritise. ✓

Absolutely, if you want to begin creating content that will connect with your customers and target audience. ✓

For sure, if you want to save time and never again be stuck for what to post. ✓

If you would like to learn how you can save time and stay one step ahead with your content, the workshop details are below:

Creating a Content Calendar
Date: 29 July 2020
Time: 10.30-11.45am
Cost: $90
Led by: Annemaree Clementson.  Read About Me here. Check out my Insta gallery here.
Venue: Workspace Barossa, 117a Murray Street, Tanunda
Materials: BYO laptop, pen & paper.
Prerequisites & Preparation:

  • Bring your fully charged laptop.
  • Have access to Excel or Google Sheets on your laptop.
  • Attendees must have a general familiarity with spreadsheets (Excel or Google Sheets).

Who’ll be leading the workshop?

Annemaree Clementson (@annemaree.c on Instagram) is a Barossa-based blogger who specialises in communications and digital marketing resources for small business.

Annemaree has extensive experience with Instagram and has implemented and run several large regional accounts including Barossa Wine and My Barossa, and has worked with many smaller business accounts including Artisans of Barossa and Vino Lokal.

Content Calendar Workshop

Learn More

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Would you like to know more about smartphone photography or perhaps brush up on your Instagram knowledge? I regularly host small group workshops – make sure you follow Chookapeck on Facebook or Instagram to get more details.

Alternatively, you could book in for a One-on-one Instagram Coaching session where you get 90 mins of tailored training in areas of your choice.

Checkout upcoming Workshops here or read about One-on-one Instagram Coaching here.

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If you have any questions, then please feel free to drop me a line here.



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